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 Crimson Shell

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Mensagens : 209
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Data de inscrição : 09/07/2009
Idade : 25
Localização : Look behind you O.o

Personagem: Charlotte

MensagemAssunto: Crimson Shell   Sex Fev 12, 2010 10:16 pm

The Crimson Bullet Association all have a common goal. Protect the people and save the victims that have been influenced by the disease of the Black Rose. Claudia, their star member, is not only an excellent fighter but has a special secret. Within her, resides the seed of the Scarlet Rose! What trouble can be brought by her? Will she be able to survive the painful betrayal of the person that holds her heart? The truth... will be unlocked by the blossoming hearts of the readers!

Everything starts with Xeno that's always there for Dia and always teases her (having great time together in other words) in the Crimson Shell organisation. But one day, the happy life Dia was currently having is destroyed when she finds out Xeno wants to betray Crimson Shell and steal important data and he hurts her in the process making Dia suffer a big shock and making her go into depression. (without knowing that Xeno didn't betray her because he wanted to, he betrayed her because a Black Rose monster controlled him) That's when William steps in and stays always by Dia's side to show her he truly loves her and would never betray her like Xeno did. But having William by her side isn't enough for Dia that always thinks of Xeno and how he changed her life when they first met. After some time, Dia finds Xeno again in the Crimson Shell's crushed laboratory and she hugs him. The laboratory starts to crawl down more and more and William comes to the rescue to save Dia and Xeno. But Xeno says he already became a Black Rose monster and that he'll die either way so William and Dia get out of the laboratory and Dia has another heartbreak and falls into a deep slumber. The last part of the song it's sang by William, instead of Dia ,after loosing his beloved. And yes the last scene shows Dia sleeping together with Xeno in her dreams.

Personagens Principais

Claudia e Wilhelm || Shion e Xeno

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Mensagens : 324
Pontos : 286
Data de inscrição : 18/07/2009
Idade : 24
Localização : With Nee-chan <3

Personagem: Miharu

MensagemAssunto: Re: Crimson Shell   Seg Mar 29, 2010 3:05 pm

Podias ter escrito tu um resumo Alice : / ou traduzir em Portugues mas obrigado . Irei meter isso na lista para ler xD
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Crimson Shell
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